Hydrant Meter Request Application

To begin a request for hydrant meter access please provide the information below and SUBMIT. You will be contacted by an AU representative within two working days. Authorization for use of hydrant meter is subject to management approval and anticipated weather conditions. If this is an emergency please call our office at 507-433-8886.

Hydrant Meter Rate (effective Jan - Dec of current year)
Connect Fee: $100
Meter Deposit:

1" Meter $200
3" Meter $250

Basic Charge:

1" Meter $27.00
3" Meter $91.00

Commodity Rate:

All ccf: $3.00

Complete these fields and hit SUBMIT. After you SUBMIT this information you will be contact by an AU representative to complete the required Commercial Application for Service, connect fee (non-refundable), and deposit (deposits are applied to final bill before balance is returned to customer).

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Size of Hydrant Meter*
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Hydrant number (if known)