Load Profile is a monthly subscription service that empowers commercial and industrial customers with the information they need to make smart energy decisions. Interval data is automatically uploaded from the meter to a secure website each day. An intuitive, powerful user-interface allows you to easily analyze your energy consumption patterns to find ways to save energy and money. Some of the things Load Profiler will allow you to do include:

  • Look at the load profile of your facility for any date range you select.
  • Examine your profile in different time resolutions (15min, 30min, hr, day, week, month, year, etc.).
  • Overlay weather data on the profile to determine if usage anomalies are weather related.
  • Aggregate or compare profiles for any grouping of facilities.
  • Conduct "what-if" analysis to determine the actual cost savings from various load reduction or peak shaving activities.
  • Normalize usage profile to weather data.
  • Compare historical usage to current usage.
  • Benchmark your usage against any contribution factors (percentage occupancy, manufacturing output, sales volume, etc.) that is pertinent to your operations.
  • Export consumption data in common data formats (XML, CSV, etc.) for use in your own accounting or bench marking systems.

To get signed up, complete the Load Profile Program Application.

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