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Landlords and utilities have a unique relationship as properties are transferred in and out of renter’s names. This page includes resources for landlords and answers to our most frequent questions.

How to Start a Landlord Account:

Improving your Property:

Home Energy Audits - Landlords are eligible to have a Home Energy Audit valued at $300 performed on property they own. Co-pay for these audits is $50 and must be paid in advance.

Conserve and Save Rebates –Landlords are qualified to receive rebates for energy saving improvements made to the property they own through our Conserve & Save rebate program.

Property Improvement Financing – Landlords may qualify for special financing for improvements made to their property.

Landlord Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put utility services in my tenant's name for them or give them an application?

Tenants must apply for service with Austin Utilities since the contract for service is between Austin Utilities and the Tenant. The Tenant may apply for service online, or in person in our lobby.

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What does my tenant need to apply for utility services?

They will need to complete an application and provide a driver’s license or current photo ID. A deposit may be required. If required, it will be $150.00 for electric service and $150.00 for gas service.

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Will I be notified when tenants put service into their name at one of my properties?

We will give the tenant a copy of their application once it is approved. You may ask to see the copy of their application, or you may call the office to find out.

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Who is eligible for Heating Assistance?

Your tenant can apply for heating assistance even if the utilities are included in their rent. The agency that handles fuel assistance for Mower County is SEMCAC. When your tenant is approved for assistance, payments are applied directly to the utility account. If the account is in the landlord’s name, they will be applied to the landlord account.

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Why can't I know my tenants account balance if I am the owner of the house?

Utility information is considered private data. We do not disclose any customer data without permission from the tenant.

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Does the unpaid tenant's bill get charged to the property or me?

No, any unpaid account balance is the tenant’s responsibility to pay.

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Why can't I shut off the utility service if my tenants are not paying rent?

We cannot disconnect a customer’s service who does not meet our disconnect requirements.

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Don't you have to call me when you shut the utility service off for non-payment? Isn't it the law?

Any information about a tenant’s utility account is considered private data. We do not disclose any customer data without permission from the customer.

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If the tentants lease is not up till the end of the month, how can they take utility service out of their name before that?

The utility service agreement with us is not connected to their lease with you. If they request utility services be taken out of their name, we must honor the request.

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Why does the utility service have to be disconnected if I do not want the service in my name?

All active services need to have a responsible party for services used.

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Do I have to contact you when my tenants move out?

Yes, it is courteous business practice to inform us when a tenant moves out.

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How do I set up a landlord account?

Complete the application available online or contact customer service and we will be happy to help you get your landlord account set up.

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Can I get all of my accounts billed in the same cycle?

Yes, we can group your accounts to be billed at the same time. Group bills are received by the 30th of the month and are due on the 10th of the following month.

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Can I get copies of my past utility bills?

For your convenience, past utility bills are available on Smarthub.

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Can I still apply for rebates if I purchase the items for my rentals, but tenants are living there and paying utilities in their name?

Yes, if you have an active landlord agreement verifying you are the owner of the property. Just make sure to list the proper installation address and mailing address on the rebate form.

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For further information or questions, please contact Austin Utilities by Phone at 507-433-8886 or email to