Safe & Reliable

Austin Utilities is dedicated to providing safe and reliable utility services for our customers. Our electric, natural gas, and water systems are continuously monitored for safety.

Natural Gas Pipeline Safety: Public Awareness

Austin Utilities is required under federal and state regulations to maintain natural gas service lines up to and including the gas meter. Beyond the meter, the maintenance of any piping is the responsibility of the customer or property owner.

For more information on Natural Gas Pipeline Safety, please view our brochure.

Gopher One-Call

Anyone digging in Minnesota must call Gopher State One Call to locate underground utility lines before digging. The person who is doing the work is responsible for calling Gopher State One Call.

Dial 1-800-252-1166




visit them online.

It's the Law!

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Colors for Utility Markings

Proposed Excavation (White)
Temporary Survey Markings (Pink)
Electric Power Lines (Red)
Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum, or Gaseous Materials (Yellow)
Communications, Alarms, Cable TV or Signal Lines (Orange)
Water (Blue)
Sewer and Drain Lines (Green)

Electric Line Safety

Electrical energy constantly seeks a path to the ground. If you touch an uninsulated line with an object or your body, you become this path.

Learn More about electric safety.