As a municipal utility we are community owned. Our mission is to serve you, our customer. We are not here just to sell high quality and reliable energy and water services but to provide a value to the community we serve. We measure success by how much money stays within the community through low rates and contributions to the city budget.

Our customers benefit from the education we provide. Stop by our office and help yourself to the extensive variety of educational materials we have on display. Each year you will see us throughout the community promoting and educating our customers on our various energy efficiency programs.

For years, Austin Utilities has been providing utility service to the community of Austin. As a part of these services, we have always been committed to helping our customers understand their utility. Austin Utilities offers a variety of programs and presentation that allow our customers – young and old – to learn more about the valuable resources we provide – electricity, natural gas and water.
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Austin Utilities cares about their community and the environment their community members live in. That is why we have so many programs that not only save you energy and money, but are good for the environment as well.

The least costly way to save energy is through conservation.  Be sure to stop by our office and pick up some of the many energy saving brochures we have available.

Our Conserve & Save rebate program is another way you can help the environment and save energy and money at the same time. We offer great rebates on a variety of Residential Conserve and Save Programs and Business Conserve & Save Programs for energy saving appliances and equipment. CONSERVE energy for the environment and SAVE money for yourself.