Partnering Energy Solutions

Austin Utilities – Your Energy Partner

What is Partnering in Energy Solutions?

Austin Utilities designed Partnering in Energy Solutions to connect your business with expert resources, or Energy Solutions Partners (ESPs), that will help ensure your business is operating efficiently. Your ESP will:

  • Analyze your current energy usage and your future needs.
  • Propose cost-cutting changes in your energy use, as well as energy efficient upgrades to your equipment.
  • Provide payback analyses of suggested improvements.
  • Assist with the purchase and/or implementation of suggested improvements.
  • List and apply for all available AU Conserve & Save rebates.
  • Provide preventative maintenance for your energy systems.

Financing may be available for qualifying projects. For more details, contact an AU representative. This financing will allow you to pay for the project on your bill over a one to two year period.

Download a Partnering in Energy Solutions Brochure for commercial or industrial customers

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