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Residential Rebates & Incentives
Austin Utilities, Owatonna Public Utilities, and Rochester Public Utilities are TEAMING UP to save you money. We're offering great rebates to residential customers who purchase energy efficient appliances and heating and cooling equipment.
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2014 Central Air Conditioner Clean and Tune Rebate

A clean air conditioner unit operates more efficiently, lasts longer and you're less likely to experience breakdowns when the weather heats up.  Take advantage of this $25 rebate by calling your HVAC professional to schedule your central air conditioner clean and tune, complete the rebate application and return it to our office at 400 4th Street NE.  This is the coolest Conserve & Save Rebate yet!  It's only available from May 1st thru July 31st 2013, so schedule yours today.

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Furnace Boiler Clean and Tune Rebate
Would you drive your car 20,000 miles without oil changes or some kind of maintenance? Of course not! The same is true for your furnace or boiler. Regular preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free, efficient operation. Beginning August 1, 2013, complete a Residential Furnace/Boiler Clean & Tune and you can apply for a $25 Conserve & Save rebate.
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2014 Electric Efficiency Rebate Application

Save money when you buy qualifying ENERGY STAR appliances and equipment. Simply fill out the rebate application for and submit to Austin Utilities to receive your rebate. 

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This rebate application includes furnace, boiler, window and attic insulation rebates as well as bonus rebates for those who take advantage of our House Call energy audit and have CEE participating contractors perform work that is recommended from the audit. Terms and conditions apply.

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Right Light Guide


With the various types and styles of lighting on the market, choosing the right light for your needs can be difficult.  Learn the pros and cons of the various lighting available, estimated costs to operate, as well as the new labels and how to read them.  Guide provided by Clean Energy Resource Teams – “Helping Minnesota communities determine their clean energy future”.

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  CFL and LED Rebate Form

Compact fluorescent bulbs last up to 10x longer than incandescent bulbs and save 60-70% in energy costs. LED's last even longer. Did you know you get 50% of the CFL bulb or package cost or $10-15 per LED bulb by simply filling out this application form and submitting it to Austin Utilities with sales receipt and packaging showing the ENERGY STAR logo and bulb wattage. We also have rebates for CFL & LED fixtures, Check it out - It's as simple as that!

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    Rain Barrel Rebate Application
    Rain barrels can be placed under a roof downspout to collect storm water runoff that can be used for watering your lawn and gardens. This reduces runoff that carries pollutants into streams and rivers. Rain barrels conserve water in the summer months, help lower water bills, keep excess water out of the sewer system and are easy to install.
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  Solar Power

Austin Utilities Conserve and Save solar rebate program makes it more affordable for you to install solar technologies on your home or business. The rebate program, includes both solar electric and solar hot water options, and provides a one-time payment of $1 per installed watt for solar electric systems (up to 10 kW) and $15 per square foot net aperture for solar hot water systems (up to $1,200). The rebate is available in conjunction with the 30% federal tax credit for solar technologies and is available on a first come first served basis.

Most experts agree the best way to get full value from your solar system is to perform an energy audit prior to installation. The audit will identify other energy saving opportunities and allow you to repay your solar investment more quickly.

To learn more about the terms and conditions, installation and equipment requirements of the solar rebates, please look over the rebate applications below.

    Water Rebate Application

By making just a few small changes to your daily routine, you can save a significant amount of water, save money, and preserve water supplies for future generations. Water efficient products provide the same performance and quality you've come to expect, but with the added benefit of water savings.

  LED Holiday Lights and Decorations
  LED lights use up to 75% less electricity than incandescent.  There's no filament so the bulbs are cool to the touch making them safe.  If a bulb burns out, the other bulbs stay lit making replacement easy.  They have a long life and can save you up to $21 per month. Buy them today and SAVE!
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