Energy Saving Tips - Water Usage

Energy Saving Tips
Water Usage
How much water do you use when you take a shower? Wash a load of clothes? Flush a toilet? Even brush your teeth? One important measurement of water use is how much water one person uses in one day. The number is usually expressed as gallons of water used per person per day. To obtain an estimate of the water usage in your home, utilize an on-line water usage estimate through the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).
Remember, Austin Utilities bills the water consumption in units of one hundred cubic feet or ccf. There are approximately 750 gallons in one ccf. Use the number of gallons from the USGS survey and multiply by 30 days to obtain an estimate of water usage for a month. If you divide that number by 750, the answer is in the same units as the utility bill.
Energy saving tips are available for reducing your electric, natural gas, and water consumption.