Conserve & Save Rebates & Programs

Residential Rebates & Programs
We're offering great Conserve & Save rebates to residential customers who purchase energy efficient appliances and heating and cooling equipment. 

Click here for links to verify ENERGY STAR equipment eligibility.
Click here for the AHRI (American Heating, Refrigeration Institute) database.
Electric Rebates

Electric Efficiency Rebate Application
Central Air Conditioner Clean and Tune Rebate Application
LED Lighting Rebate Application
LED Holiday Light Rebate Application
Solar Electric Rebate Application

Natural Gas Rebates
Notice: Starting June 12, 2017, the Department of Energy (DOE) implemented new energy efficiency standards for water heaters. The old metric was Energy Factor, or EF. The new metric is UEF or Uniform Energy Factor. As of 12/31/2017 all rebates will be issued based on the AHRI database certification UEF criteria.
Natural Gas Efficiency Rebate Application
Furnace Boiler Clean and Tune Rebate Application
Solar Hot Water Rebate Application

Water Rebates
Water Efficiency Rebate Application
Rain Barrel Rebate Application
For all rebates, see applications for minimum efficiency requirements and complete terms and conditions.
2019 Rebate Program Summary Brochure
 ENERGY STAR Appliance Rebate
 Clothes Washer
 $25 - $150
 Dehumidifiers  $15 - $25
 Dishwasher  $25 - $40
 Freezer  $25
 Refrigerator  $25
 Room Air Conditioners
 Bonus Recycling Rebates
 Freezer  up to $15
 Refrigerator  up to $15
 Room Air Conditioner
 up to $15
 Dehumidifiers  up to $15 
 Lighting Amount
 50% of bulb or package cost, not to exceed $7 per bulb
 50% of fixture cost, not to exceed $20 per fixture
 ENERGY STAR Ceiling Fans w/ LED lights
 50% of cost, not to exceed $25
 Central Air Conditioner Clean & Tune
 Air and Water Source Heat Pumps
Rebates starting at $100
 Geothermal Heat Pumps
see application
 Furnace Fan Motor - rated "e" by AHRI - new install
 Furnace Fan Motor - rated "e" by AHRI - retrofit $50
Natural Gas Rebates
$100 - $400
$100 - $300
 Clothes Dryers - NATURAL GAS
 Clothes Washers
$25 - $150
 Water Heaters - Tank
$50 - $150
 Water Heaters - Instantaneous
$200 - $250
 Programmable Thermostats
$25 - $75
 Attic Insulation
$125 - $350
 Electronic Ignition Hearth
 Furnace/Boiler Clean & Tune $25
 ENERGY STAR Doors - non-Glass
Water Rebates
 Clothes Washer
$25 - $150
 High-Efficiency Toilet (HET)
 Rain Barrels
 WaterSense Showerhead
 Weather-Based Irrigation Controls
$75 per controller