Conservation - Business Rebates & Incentives

Rebates & Incentives
Anti-Sweat Heater Controls
Boiler Tune-Up Rebate Application
Compressed Air Leak Correction
Custom Electric
      Synchronous Belt Worksheet
      Compressed Air No Loss Drain Worksheet
      High Velocity Low Speed Fan Worksheet
      High Efficiency Battery Worksheet
Data Center Equipment Rebate
Food Service Equipment
       Qualifying Electric Food Service Equipment
       Qualifying Gas Food Service Equipment 
Guest Room Energy Management Rebate
Heat Pumps
     Business Rebate Form
     Business Rebate Form - CFL and LED only (rebate form not available at this time)
  Tables to be used with Rebate Application
   Lighting Codes for Existing/Base Applications
     Lighting for New Equipment - revised 1-1-14
     Lighting Rebate Tables for Traffic Signals
  2014 Bonus Lighting Rebate Forms
     LED Parking Lot Lighting
     Exterior HID to LED or Induction
     Interior High Bay HID to LED or Fluorescent
Plug Load Occupancy Sensor
Natural Gas
      Energy Recovery Ventilator
     Solar Electric Rebate
     Solar Hot Water Rebate
Variable Speed Drives