Partner Energy Solutions II

Austin Utilities - Your Energy Partner

What is an Energy Solutions Partner (ESP)?

Energy Solutions Partners (ESPs) are Trade Allies who want to work together with us to help our mutual customers improve energy efficiency and increase conservation efforts.

By becoming an Energy Solutions Partner, you'll receive the benefits of:

  • Customer Leads
  • Project Financing Option for Mutual Customers
  • Inclusion in the ESP Listing on the AU web site

You will be connected directly with Austin Utilities (AU) customers you are working with to:


  • Analyze the customer's current energy usage and future needs
  • Propose cost-cutting changes in their energy use, as well as energy efficient upgrades to their equipment
  • Provide payback analyses of suggested improvements
  • Assist with the purchase and/or implementation of suggested improvements
  • List and apply for all available AU Conserve & Save rebates
  • Provide preventative maintenance for the customer's energy systems
  • Consult during the design and planning of new construction (e.g., assess future energy use, assist in specifying energy efficient equipment)


I want to be an ESP
Becoming an ESP is easy. Just follow these steps:

#1 Read and agree to Minimum Standards Documents

    Minimum Standards & Practices Guidelines

#2 Sign Partnering Agreement and return to Austin Utilities

#3 Fill out a Trade Ally Survey and return to Austin Utilities

Partner Resources:
Release of Information Authorization Form
Financing Terms and Credit Approval Forms
Lighting Interactive Rebate Form
Commercial Cooling Equipment Interactive Rebate Form

Variable Speed Drive Interactive Rebate Form

Project Submission Form

Start helping our mutual customers save energy today!