Budget Billing Payment Option

Budget Billing

Austin Utilities offers you the opportunity to make even payments throughout the year allowing you to budget your personal finances more effectively. And better yet, you know your utility bill before it is received.

Budget Billing can be combined with the Automatic Payment Options which automatically deducts the utility bill from your savings or checking account or applies it to your credit card.

It's so easy to begin...Average monthly payments will be calculated by using the total of the prior twelve (12) months and dividing the amount into twelve (12) equal payments. On the anniversary date, the amount will be adjusted to reflect an equal payment for the next twelve (12) months.

Requirements to begin:

  • Account must be paid in full.
  • Available to residential and business Austin Utilities customers.
  • Failure to maintain a good credit history will require removal of the option.
  • Once the account is finaled due to moving from the area, the actual balance is due.

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