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Conserve & Save House Call

A drafty home, rooms that are too hot or too cold, and high energy bills are all common issues for homeowners. Installation of a new heating or air conditioning system, buying replacement windows, or adding more insulation may fix part of the problem. But you really need to find out where your home is inefficient before you can make improvements that will make a difference. For better results, you need an integrated “whole-house” approach that looks at your house as a system.

We developed Conserve & Save House Call to provide our residential customers with a whole-house, low-cost energy analysis and to connect them with contractors who can help them make effective energy efficiency changes to their home. We can also provide financing information, if needed. Never before have we offered such a comprehensive home energy audit program!


Conserve & Save House Call Brochure


Your House Call

Your House Call will be performed by our team of qualified home energy auditors who will inspect your home from top to bottom in search of ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. The audit will focus mainly on building shell improvements such as attic and wall insulation, windows, and air sealing, but will also assess other areas such as appliances and equipment.

The audit takes about two hours and is scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. Homeowners will be required to fill out a Pre-Audit Questionnaire about their home and must be present during the audit. Historical information about the energy usage of your home is provided to the auditor to help facilitate the audit.

Two types of House Calls to choose from:

• Standard House Call - A $300 value for a co-pay of  only $50

The Standard House Call includes reviewing with you the history of your energy use; performing an in-depth thermal envelope analysis; directing the installation of energy saving devices; assessing appliances, water heater, and HVAC equipment; performing a blower door test; and providing a detailed written report that lists energy-saving recommendations specific to your home.

• Performance House Call - A $380 value for a co-pay of only $125

The Performance House Call includes all the features of a Standard House Call. In addition, the auditor will perform an infrared diagnosis of your home. The final report will include infrared photos identifying areas of concern.

Qualified Contractors

If your House Call auditor determines your home needs thermal envelope improvements, he will leave you with a Qualified Contractors (QC) list. These contractors have attended the Builder's Association of Minnesota Air Sealing and Insulation training, have been trained on the details and guidelines of our program, and are willing to meet program standards and submit to quality control inspections. Please note some rebates associated with this program are only available for work performed by a contractor on our QC list.

Qualified Contractor List
Request your Conserve & Save House Call
Fill out the Request Form & Pre-Audit Questionnaire and return it to Austin Utilities.  Contact Dave Thompson at 433-8886 or e-mail him at davet@austinutilities.com if you have questions about getting started or to learn more about Conserve & Save House Call
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