Conserve & Save - Residential Rebates & Incentives

Conserve & Save
Residential Rebates & Incentives
Austin Utilities, Owatonna Public Utilities, and Rochester Public Utilities are TEAMING UP to save you money. We're offering great rebates to residential customers who purchase energy efficient appliances and heating and cooling equipment.
Just visit your appliance dealer or HVAC contractor and look for products with the ENERGY STAR label that meet our Minimum Efficiency Requirements (MER)*. When you purchase your energy saving equipment, ask your dealer or contractor for a rebate application, fill it out, attach your receipt, and send it to your utility!
CONSERVE energy for the environment and SAVE money for yourself. It's our way of TEAMING UP to save you money!
Residential Customers
With CONSERVE & SAVE, our rebates save you money on your purchase, and energy efficient appliances and equipment will save you money on your monthly utility bills.
For example, an ENERGY STAR refrigerator uses half the electricity of a standard 10-year-old refrigerator. An energy efficient clothes washer can use up to 70% less energy than older models. That kind of savings in energy consumption translates to hundreds of dollars in savings over the life of your appliances. That's good for you and good for the environment, because you'll be using less of nature's valuable resources.
Residential Rebates
Electric Rebates Amount
Central Air Conditioners

(SEER >=14.5)
Units 20,000 Btu/hr or less
$100 + $25 for each full SEER Point above 14.0
Units greater than 20,000 Btu/hr: $200 + $75 for each full SEER Point above 14 

Room Air Conditioners $25 *
Geothermal Heat Pumps & Air Source Heat Pumps see application
Furnace Fan Motors (VSD/ECM) E
(new furnace installations only)
Refrigerators $25 *
Freezers $25 *
Dishwashers $25
Clothes Washers $50
Light Fixtures - CFL
Light Fixtures - LED
  50% of fixture cost - up to $15
 50% of fixture cost - up to $20
Ceiling Fans with lights $15
Dehumidifiers $65 with trade-in of working unit
Compact Fluorescent Lamps 50% of bulb or package cost
LED Bulbs 50% of bulb cost - up to $15
Central Air Conditioner Clean & Tune Eligible Every Two Years -- ONLY! $25
* Additional rebate of $15 is available for properly recycling your old working freezer, refrigerator and your old working room air conditioner, must include recycle receipt
Natural Gas Rebates Amount

$100 AFUE of 92%,
$200 AFUE between 92 - 95%

$300 AFUE of >= 96%
Boilers $100 AFUE of >= 85%,
$200 AFUE of >= 90%,
$300 AFUE of >= 95%
Add $100 for boiler with indirect fire water heater
Clothes Washers $25
Water Heaters

$50 EF >= 0.62
$75 EF >= 0.64
$100 EF >= 0.67

Instantaneous Water Heaters $200 EF >= 0.80
$250 EF . = 0.92
Programmable Thermostats $25
Attic Insulation see application
Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) Heat Recovery Efficiency of 42%
Electronic Ignition Hearth (must be new on-demand electronic ignition and sealed combustion/direct vent unit) $75

Furnace/Boiler Clean & Tune  Eligible every Two Years

Windows & Patio Doors U-Factor 0.30 or less = $15.00
Doors U-Factor 0.21 or less = $25.00
Water Rebates
Clothes Washers $25
High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) $50
Rain Barrels $10
Rotating Sprinkler Nozzle See Application