Cold Weather Energy Tips

Energy Saving Tips
Cold Weather Energy Tips
  • Caulk and weatherstrip cracks around doors and window frames. Block openings at bottom of door to prevent drafts.
  • Lower the setting on your thermostat at night and dress warmly.
  • Lower the setting on your hot water heater to 120oF., and use a water heater wrap. If you have a dishwasher, then use 140oF(normal/medium) and run only when the dishwasher is full.
  • Open shades during winter days to let the warm sunlight in and close shades at night.
  • Close all windows tightly and use locks to prevent cold air leaking in. Cover windows with plastic.
  • Broken windows should be repaired immediately and close all storm windows.
  • Window air conditioning units should be covered or removed during heating season.
  • Furnace filters should be kept clean.
  • Furnace should be checked for safe and efficient operation at least once a year.
  • Close off unused rooms.